We empower new business owners to improve the lives of their neighbors and people on the margins.
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Business Ownership for Stronger Families

Cultivating new businesses by building core skills, coaching for accountability, and creating inclusive professional networks.

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Investing in Social Solutions

New businesses need capital, connections, and a platform to share their vision. Engage with profitable businesses that help where it’s needed most.

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Donating for Better Neighborhoods

Organizations in many cities are empowering new business owners on the margins. Help us support their efforts by making a donation.

Innovation and inclusion are key!

To have a good economy over the long-term, we must include everyone in the process of creation and innovation.

Diverse Founders

Diversity means everyone has a seat at the table. Currently 95% of our founders are women- or minority-owned businesses. 68% come from under-resourced communities. (RVA Works Analysis)

Grassroots Microbusiness

There are 3.7 million formal microbusinesses in the United States and an estimated 50 to 70 million globally. (SBA and IFC)

Business Endurance

54% of our founders will be in business after 5 years compared with the national average of 20%. (WIBO and Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Economic Empowerment

The net worth of business owners ranges from almost 2.5 to 10 times greater than that of non-business owners - creating financial resilience and asset ownership. (AEO)

Sustainability at Scale

There are $114 billion in Impact Investments, and over $8 trillion in Social Responsible Asset Classes. (GIIN and USSIF)

Profit for Doing Good

Impact Investors report average gross returns ranging from 4.9% to 16.5%, depending on market type and expectations. (GIIN)

Reach Out

Entrepreneur, investor, or proponent of social enterprise? We would love to hear from you to see how we can work together to make the world better through business.