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We all need good advice when we’re facing an important decision. In our community, we help each other with peer advice based on our experience.

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As business owners, we constantly face complex situations that require credible advice. You can’t Google everything, but you can get good advice from other entrepreneurs. Submit a question. Get an answer and connect with another entrepreneur.

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We host events to discuss core business skills and the challenges we all face as business owners. 1 Million Cups is a national community of entrepreneurs in over 150 communities reaching 12,000 business founders each month. We serve as a Community Sponsor, and provide roundtable discussions that include:

  • Entrepreneur speakers who are in their first three years of business, have made initial sales, and have a scalable model
  • Speakers provide insight into their business, and a challenge they’re facing
  • Attendees who are also entrepreneurs, provide insightful feedback and experience-based recommendations
  • The community is run by the community and for the community
  • Always presentations, not pitches
  • Intentionally including people facing structural barriers to ownership